ZOE Lot Codes

ZOE Extra Virgin Olive Oil is dated using a lot code, which can be very difficult to decipher. Here is a visual guide for how to figure out when your olive oil was bottled:

Not everyone knows the Julian dating system so here is a very handy website where you can input the Julian date from your lot code, and find out exactly what day your olive oil was bottled: http://bit.ly/JulianDate. Once on the site, simply input the 3 digit Julian date in the “Julian date to Calendar date” section and click “Compute Calendar date”. This will take you to another page which will have your calendar date displayed.

The particular tin’s lot code that was used in this photo visual breaks down as follows:

Bulk lot number: 0472

Year bottled: 12

Julian date: 125 (Which, once keyed into the website above translates to the calendar date of May 5th)

One of the many fantastic attributes of olive oil is that it does not expire for two years! With that, the ZOE Extra Virgin Olive Oil tin that we used above for a lot code example was bottled on May 5th, 2012 and will not expire until May 5th, 2014! Now isn’t that just fabulous?

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